by Ciseaux

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Ciseaux is the most recent endeavor of Victoria, BC artist, Katie Schaan. Melodies swam around her head and danced out her rosebud lips before she was old enough to even know words to speak. That tiny girl lived three years of life before hitting the stage with a tiny cello, and there was no stopping her from music making after that. Ciseaux is inspired by everything from Bach’s Brandenburg concertos, to soulful melodies of the 60’s, to the imaginative indie persuasions of her peers. This is a project evolved from classical training, a love of pop music and an unwillingness to be limited by genre. Ciseaux's debut EP, produced by the illustrious Aidan Knight, will melt your heart and make you want to dance all at the same time.

Ciseaux’s Katie Schaan has graced stages and studios while lending her vocal and cello stylings to other emerging BC artists including Aidan Knight, Vince Vaccaro, and Steph Macpherson. As an operatically trained vocalist, she has also been a soloist with the Victoria Symphony. Her first album “Close To Me”, which was released under her own name, earned five nominations at the 2011 Vancouver Island Music Awards (Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year) and won Album of the Year.


released May 17, 2012

Engineered & Recorded by Aidan Knight
Mixed by Shawn Cole
Mastered by Brock McFarlane
Cello, omnichord, loops, vocals by Katie Schaan
Drums by Johnny Andrews
Pedal Steel by Marc Jenkins
Strings by Dougal McLean
Brass by Julia Wakal, Olivier Clements, Aubrey Kelley, Armando Alvarez
Additional Engineering by Sven Peterson
Art by Spoon & Milk



all rights reserved


Ciseaux Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: The Ocean
I know I'm on your mind
Boys will talk, talk a lot
Boy, I know you say I make you weak
Clearly you keep me happy

You make me want to move across the ocean
You could pull me through the ocean closer to you
I'd move across the ocean, the ocean for you

Two tin cans, a piece of string
Just can not be complete
Tied the knot so damn tight
It's holding
Track Name: The Game
I play the game, no give, no take
Who's on your side?
A chance to bend or break
You make mistakes, they make you more
Who knows the stakes you're working for
You can't win if you don't play

The game
I played it the same way from the start, didn't change
And now that I'm finding words in the dark,
Leaving home for a name
The game, the game, the game

I roll the dice every time
I'm all in
Your bluff's the same as mine
You can fold, your cards won't change
The dealer doesn't know your name
You can't win if you don't play
Track Name: The Story
His pen filled up pages
Letters passed in quiet places
They both feel the same thing
Although it's not showing
Giving looks, hidden meanings
After school, on the weekends
Hands held under the table
They'd tell if they were able
He knows his boyfriend shouldn't be living so secretly

Don't tell me who to love
Don't tell me what love's okay
Who's to say that there is a right or wrong
Or that there's only one way
Because I know that we could change the story
Writing different words to speak for me

Putting down words he'd be shouting
It's time for showing and telling
We can't go on pretending this story has an ending
He knows that he just can't be living so secretly
Track Name: Dance Card
Empty glass, the air's hot, the music's on
My eyes close, feel the beat
Baby, that's my song
You find your way next to me through a crowded room
Just wait for the right time to make your move
I'll pause for your cue

You want a spot on my dance card
On my dance card
Put in the time and sing oh oh oh
Go wild all night, oh oh oh
You got a spot on my dance card
On my dance card

The night rolls on, you move so close
If the song is ending no one knows
Our bodies move with the room as one
We're both hoping this night goes on and on
Just keep playing my song
Track Name: Reverie
Mother of four unfailing men full grown
Buried one to young
Followed by his own father
She was left by her help and her love

Daydream in secret
Hold it, keep it
Eyes tight to see them
Undone equation

Some relief does further damage
She will live with her heart half of whole
Track Name: Your Hand
Are you my brother, Love
Does your breath fill my lungs
Was I incomplete before you found me

I knew you before I had met you
Your hand held my heart
I knew you before I had met you
My hand held your heart

We were old together once
Kindred souls reclaimed us